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CreditMaster Pte Ltd is a licensed and legal money lending institution under the Moneylenders Act of Singapore, and are registered at the Registry of Moneylenders. We have a wide range of loan packages tailored for individuals who are employed on fixed income and variable income, entrepreneurs, individuals with poor credit scores, foreigners and also businesses in Singapore.

All our loan facilities have been specially designed to be flexible, because we understand that people’s circumstances are never the same. We don’t want to lock you out in your time of greatest need with stringent conditions you cannot possibly measure up to. Rather, as licensed Singapore moneylenders, we want to provide a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and abilities.

Why Choose Us

We create a repayment plan that is suitable for you or your business’s financial ability, bearing in mind current and future incomes and obligations. Our loan packages should not add to the list of things you are stressed about. Whether you want to make fixed payments or flexible installments, Fast Money Loans has it all. In addition, if you need to renegotiate terms because your circumstances have changed, we are available to work out a schedule that you can better manage, whether to increase or decrease your installments.

In addition, we have invested in highly trained professionals, including credit consultants and financial advisors who are available to provide support to our clients as and when required. Your queries will all be handled with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, and we will use our professional experience to design packages that are even better suited to the current needs of an ever-changing market.

Our reliable and efficient services have carried us to the top among money lending institutions in Singapore, a fact that is well represented among the thousands of satisfied clients who have used our services to date. If you’re looking for any type of loan, go no further than Fast Money Loans.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers
(because you always come first)

If you have been searching for someone to partner with you through your financial journey, you are home with FastMoneyLoans because our packages suit virtually everybody. If you have a poor credit score that has seen you get turned away by majority of the lenders in the market today, come to us and let us work out something that will be comfortable for you.

We understand that a poor credit score can come by very easily, and is difficult to obliterate. We don’t think you should be punished for financial constraints that you faced in the past, and have now overcome. Provided your current income is sufficient to support repayments on the loan you are applying for, we will help you secure credit and advance your personal and business goals.

All our loan packages are processed in a fast and efficient way, allowing you to get your funds within the shortest time possible. This makes us an ideal source of financing even in emergency situations.

Our Reputation Defines Us

The debtor creditor relationship is a sensitive one. If you are not careful about your choice of creditor, you could find yourself stuck with a loan shark who frequently changes terms, issues threats and shows no care for your needs as a client.

Here at Fast Money Loans, you can be assured that we have a high reputation built throughout our decades of service to the Singaporean market. You can be certain that we would never risk that by treating you in any way other than with the highest level of ethics and professionalism. You can trust us with your needs because we are here to help.

Best Personal Loan Rates

Our company is built on a foundation of customer satisfaction and we achieve this by offering quality low interest rate financing.

Professional and Confidential

Our loan assistants are highly qualified and they appreciate the need for privacy in all transactions.

Financial Expertise

We have invested in highly qualified financial advisers who will work with you through the loan process.

Our loan services

Low Interest Personal
Loan Singapore

It is harder than ever to access quick financing from banks as most opt for low risk investment options. We understand your concerns, and our Personal Loan services are designed to help you out of your financial rut.

Small Business Loan

A report published in the Business Insider shows that 50-70% of startups fail within the first 18 months of operations. Our mission is to help you enhance your cash flow even when the economic climate is stifled.

Professional Payday
Loan Singapore

We are a financing company that values its customers. Our payday loans are designed to help you get quick access to cash and repay the same at an interest come the next pay day.

Hassle Free Medical
Loans Singapore

Medical emergencies are unforeseen situations and however prudent you are with finances, you might find yourself in quick need of a medical loan.

Quick Access Foreigner
Loan Singapore

Singapore is a top working destination for foreigners wishing to work in one of the world’s largest financial hubs. However, life is also expensive in the country and you might find yourself short of cash before your paycheck.

Versatile Cash
Advances Singapore

Our unsecured loan facilities are disbursed immediately after approval. We have optimized the application and approval process to ensure you get the cash in the shortest time possible.

Vast range of loan products,
quick approval and disbursement.


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We pride in being one of the most trusted Money Lender in Singapore, and we invite you to call us for any unique loan request in the city.
Our business is duly licensed and the services we offer are all regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders.

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