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If you are living and working in Singapore, you will agree that life from one pay check to the other is getting harder. With the economic forecast showing little sign of growth amidst a restive Asian economy, things are bound to get tougher by the day. If you are struggling like most folks to meet your financial obligations, we want to help you through CreditMaster Payday Loan Singapore. We are the city’s trusted licensed lender and our commitment to our clients is unmatched. Our payday loan is designed to help you get quick access to cash and repay the same at an interest come the next pay day.

Reasons to take payday loans

Cash advances are also useful to cover shortfalls in cash to enable you take advantage of deals and offers that are running out. For instance, if you wanted to buy some electronic which you have seen is on offer for half-price, yet you don’t have the full amount to purchase it at the time, you can take up our cash advance, add it to what you have and get the electronic cheaper and faster, saving both your time and money.

There are many situations that can force you to take payday loans Singapore. For instance, if you have lost your phone, you may need to borrow money to get a new one since you cannot afford to be off-air until the end of the month. This is especially true for people in business, or if you are in the customer service industry; clients need to always be able to find you.

You can also apply for a small loan to make small repairs on your car or house. However, the more extensive work requires a bigger cash outlay for which a payday loan would not be sufficient. For such, we can upgrade your application into a personal loan application and process it accordingly.

Most commonly though, cash advances are a useful source of financing to tide one over to the end of the month if their money has run out for any reason. These are small amounts of money by nature, and they can help you cover daily expenses like food and commuting until your salary comes in.

What is Payday Loan Singapore

Payday loans are a very popular source of financing in Singapore, and they are also referred to as cash advances. This loan is an unsecured, short-term loan that is repayable come the next payday, according to the terms and conditions provided by the moneylender.

It is a small amount of money, ideal to meet small emergency expenses that cannot possibly wait until your next paycheck comes in. Some licensed moneylenders may allow you to take up a payday loan and repay it in two installments, but the more common practice is to make the loan repayable in a single installment.

Even if you may think you don’t need to take a cash advance, it’s better to be prepared by taking time in advance to sort through various licensed moneylenders to understand the terms and conditions required to secure a cash advance. This can help you secure your emergency loan faster since you will have the necessary documents ready with you during application.

Financial emergencies are as unavoidable as the rain, consider
Fast Cash Payday Loan in Singapore

While you can plan for some emergencies, there are those which can find you completely unprepared. Even though they are small, you may have only enough money with you to cater for living expenses until the end of the month, hence you can divert any amount to attend to your emergency.

When you find yourself in this situation, getting a payday loan Singapore from your licensed moneylender is the best option. It helps to have a trusted licensed lender like CreditMaster on your side when emergency situations arise, instead of running around trying to source for money from friends and relatives who may not be able to help.

At CreditMaster, we appreciate that banks don’t offer quick personal financing especially during a slow economic growth period like the current one. We come in with an innovative financing option that will help you sort out your cash flow problems without much hassle. Whether you want to repair your car, clear mortgage fees, pay credit card premium or even utility bill, our pay day loans are your best choice. We understand your pressing financial needs and we provide a custom package to sort you out quickly.

Our eligibility requirements are flexible unlike those of traditional lenders and this is the reason we have become one of the most established money lenders in the city. All we need is your NRIC/FIN card, pay slips for the last three months and your bank statement for the last six months. We offer the most flexible payment rates to suit your income and current financial situation. Our financial experts will help you select the right financing option to match your needs. CreditMaster customized loan solutions set us apart from other lenders in Singapore and we pride in always meeting our clients’ expectations.

We are a financing company that values its customers. We guarantee full privacy of all the details you share with us. All our loan services are designed to make it easier for you to access quick cash without the usual accompanying stress. We have an online application system for your convenience. Our approval process is also swift, as we believe deserving Singaporeans needs the quick access to financial help. We have a high approval rate and that has made us one of the most recommended lenders in Singapore.

What Licensed Moneylenders Require

We only require that our loan applicants present their identification documents, employment contract stating their salary, their last two pay slips and bank statements to show salary deposits. This helps us to ascertain that you are yourself; you work where you say; you get paid what you say and your salary is deposited where you say.

Once we have this information, it’s easier for us to approve your application for a cash advance within minutes, and you can walk away with your money in hand.

For online applications, your documents can be sent over via email. Alternatively, you can fax the documents to us. Your information are kept confidential, and we will not disclose it to a third party without your permission.

At CreditMaster, our policy is not to reveal or share your personal, confidential information with anyone else except in cases where your express approval has been sought, or in the due process of approving your application. In addition, we would never ask you to surrender your original documents to us. We keep copies for our file and return the original documents to you after verification.

Our Loan Process

You can visit our official office to place an application, or use our online form available on our website. Once you apply, we will ask you to send your documents for verification, and this process takes just a few hours. If everything is in order, we will ask you to make atrip down to our office to sign the loan agreement, and you can walk away with the cash or cheque on the spot – it’s really that simple.

Whichever financial concerns you have in the city, don’t hesitate to call or visit our office. We are always ready to listen and provide timely loan services.

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