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Singapore is a top working destination for foreigners wishing to work in one of the world’s largest financial hubs. Indeed, stats show that 29% of the city’s population is made of foreigners. However, life is also expensive in the country and you might find yourself short of cash before your paycheck. You might also be on contract and your pay might get delayed for one reason or the other. If you have some pressing financial concerns in the city, CreditMaster is here to help.

Convenient Financial Loans

Being in a country other than your own is already scary enough. Depending on your country of origin, you may find life in Singapore more expensive than what you are accustomed to, which means that your salary and allowances may not be enough to do the same number of things you were able to handle back home.

To add to that, being a foreigner, you may not know many people or avenues to get help from your colleagues at work. But that doesn’t change the fact that you may sometimes need assistance to meet all your financial obligations, and you need someone that can partner with you and understand your unique needs.

For many years, CreditMaster licensed money lender have provided loans solutions for foreigners living and working in Singapore, including permanent residents and expatriates working in Singapore on short-term or long-term contracts. We also provide study loans for foreigners as well.

Why Choose Us

CreditMaster is built on a foundation of integrity and trust. This is what sets us apart from other foreigner loans services. We have highly trained financial experts to take you through the application and approval process. Our loan assistants are guided by a strict code of ethics, which guarantees high customer satisfaction.

We are one of the reputable and established moneylenders in Singapore today, and with our advanced customized foreigner loan packages, you can be sure that you’ll find exactly what you need. If you want to come to our offices personally, we advise that you carry all your employment and identification documentation so that your application can be processed and approved on the spot. If this is done, you can expect to go home with your money in your hands – it’s really that simple.

Make Life Easier. Consider our Fast Approval Foreigner Loans.

We are one of the city’s most established private lending services and our experience in the industry makes us one of your first choice for all your financial needs. Our staff at CreditMaster is dedicated to offering timely solutions when you are facing a financial emergency in the country. Whether you want to renovate a new apartment, buy a new car or cover relocation costs, we have a customized foreigner loan to suit your needs. Make your life easier.

Foreigners who have legal employment passes in Singapore can now access fast, efficient and hassle-free loans from us through our foreigner loan Singapore packages. We have qualified and professional personnel dedicated to providing financial assistance to non-citizens looking for personal loans for any reason.

As a foreigner, we know it can be difficult to source for extra cash to deal with arising expenditure and emergencies because you don’t know too many people and banks are reticent about lending to foreigners. You can turn to us for an affordable loans package that will solve whatever challenge you are facing.

Additionally, we will help you craft a repayment plan that you can manage, according to your earning capacity, and other expenses, so that you don’t stress over meeting your repayments for the duration of the loan period. Call us if you need a foreigner loan today. We’re here for your benefit.

Hassle Free Lending with Us

Our Foreigner Loan Singapore product is designed with simplicity in mind. We appreciate how hard it is for an expatriate living in Singapore to access financing from banks. Our mission is to make the process easier to guarantee you enjoy your stay here. We have served thousands of expatriates working here and our hassle free application and processing sets us apart from other lenders. We provide quick access to cash once your loan is approved.

At CreditMaster, we offer highly flexible repayment schedules, the best rates in the market and a wide range of repayment options. If you have a unique request, our loan assistant will be at a hand to assist you.

To qualify for our foreigner loan, you must have a valid work permit, a Singapore passport, tenancy agreement, 3 months’ pay slip and letter of appointment. You must also be 21 or above of age. Nevertheless, we are always ready to listen to your unique needs in order to customize our products.

Our Application Process

You can submit your application in two ways: by filling in the online application form in which you give your personal details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting at our office to complete the approval process. Alternatively, you can make a trip down to our office where a professional customer representative will guide you on the entire application process.

For online applications, your documents can be sent over via email. Alternatively, you can fax the documents to us. Your information are kept confidential, and we will not disclose it to a third party without your permission.

If you are looking for trustworthy and confidential loan services in the country, we are definitely your one-stop-shop. Get in touch and let us help make your life in this beautiful city of Singapore more pleasant.

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