IBM And NUS Develop a New Digital Platform for All Technology Entrepreneurs

Once again, Singapore has proven why it among the easiest and safest places to start a business. Along with the abundant government support and funding, private and state-funded incubators and accelerators, as well as policies promoting entrepreneurship, the country recently rolled out a digital platform to support technology entrepreneurs.

Good News For Startups – Through a partnership between the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Enterprise and leading tech company IBM, the digital platform branded Tech SG was launched recently. NUS Enterprise was responsible for design and curation of the platform while Wonderlabs, a startup company, developed it and IBM provided the cloud technology to support which includes Bluemix open standards platform and SoftLayers infrastructure.

TechSG is designed to be an online platform where technology entrepreneurs can share information, collaborate and share their various resources and networks to facilitate their tech startup ideas. It is expected that TechSG will provide information concerning key players to facilitate innovation as well as allow tracking and analysis of the growth, vibrancy and dynamics of Singapore’s tech entrepreneurial space.

Initial Stages

TechSG is still its first phase, currently with more than 250 organizations within the state’s main hub for startups, the Ayer Rajah LaunchPad area including Blk 71, 73 and 79. These organizations range from startups to investors, incubators, accelerators and other facilitators of startup businesses. It is expected that by June next year, the platform will have complete coverage at InnovFest unbound, and the entire country’s entrepreneurial system.

Along with launching the platform, IBM will be giving away free trials of its cloud platform Bluemix to facilitate development of websites and applications by entrepreneurs. Qualified startups will get cloud credits valued at US$120,000 to allow them to use the cloud technology for their businesses.

Apart from introducing this new platform, the launch was part of a continuing effort to get opinions and ideas from the entrepreneurial community on what they would like to see included in the development and growth of TechSG. There will be regular progress updates keeping the entire startup community in the loop on the progress of TechSG, one step at a time.

All Part of IBM’s Digital City

The TechSG platform is a part of the Digital City Initiative by IBM. Such communities have been developed in New York, Berlin, Boston and London among others. Singapore is the latest entrant into this Digital City group and it will be interesting to observe its performance alongside high technology hubs like New York and Berlin.

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