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If you are a resident of Singapore, you must be feeling the financial pinch. A report by Focus Economics shows that the economy didn’t grow in Q1 2016. Access to loans has become harder and household owners are confounded on where to turn to. At CreditMaster Licensed Money Lender, we are one of the top legal credit company in Singapore and are proud to offer a timely alternative for all your financing needs. We are the premier bad credit personal loan Singapore company and our expertise in this market makes us your first point of call.

Having bad credit and needed that personal loan for an extra boost? We can help you.

Times are hard in Singapore and most consumers are going through tough times trying to achieve their dreams. The economy grew by just 2% in 2015, the slowest since 2009. If you are trying to access cash in the current financial situation, it is quite complicated. At CreditMaster, we understand your concerns and our personal loans for bad credit are designed to help you out of your financial rut.

There are many ways to have extra cash, and most commonly looking for a loan is preferred, since it allows you to get a huge sum now and repay it in smaller, manageable monthly installments. If you are one such individual, you understand that finding a legal credit company to provide the money you need on short notice can be an uphill task.

Banks and other mainstream lending institutions have plenty of red tape to get through before approval of your fast loan application. In addition, you can wait for the requisite amount of time and fulfill all their requirements, only for the lender to deny you the cash based on a technicality. In the meantime, your emergency situation has probably escalated even further, and all you have done is waste time.

This is where CreditMaster licensed money lender prove to be one of the most preferred way to acquire a personal loan in Singapore. Not only is our application process simplified and straightforward, we have streamlined our approval process to ensure that you get the money you need in a short amount of time so that you can respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

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Low Interest Personal Loan Singapore

The cost of living gets higher as time passes due to the effects of inflation. In addition, as you grow older, there’s a greater demand for money to meet normal life expenses in addition to arising emergencies. However, your sources of income remain pretty much the same, which means that you will from time to time face shortfalls in your cash flows and need a boost to make ends meet.

This is pretty common, and nothing to feel embarrassed about. It has little to do with lack of planning or being unable to manage your finances properly. You can seldom plan early enough to shield yourself completely from an uncertain future. Emergencies arise, taking up your safety cash and then more emergencies will arise, at which point you will need to find alternative sources of money.

We have helped thousands of Singapore citizens and foreigners to achieve their dreams through our specialized personal loan packages (We offer personal long term loans as well). If you are strapped for cash and you really want to buy that dream car, we are here to help. If you had organized your dream vacation but your paycheck can’t cover it for now, we want to ensure you achieve your life’s desires without worrying about debilitating interest rates.

We are founded on trust and integrity. We are committed to helping our clients move on with their lives with our lending products. We have helped thousands of residents to meet their short-term credit requirements without the usual hassle that accompanies the process. Our strong reputation with clients remains our greatest asset.

We strive to retain through dedicated and innovative lending services. We don’t sell loan products with hidden charges and this makes us one of the most recommended loan companies in the city. Our business model is pegged on trust and integrity, which has helped us build invaluable networks in the industry.

Every client has unique needs and our loan expert works with you to ensure the products they choose fit their needs perfectly. Our goal is to match our products with your unique needs. We offer a streamlined application process that enables our clients to apply online or alternatively visit our office. Our loan processing does not discriminate against those with poor credit scores.

Our Convenient Application Process

Our application process is very practical, specially designed to cater for everyone in Singapore, from employees on full-time salaries to those who earn through commissions as well as entrepreneurs running their own businesses.

That’s not all; you can save even more time by simply visiting our website and filling out our online loan application form. This requires you to provide your basic details, and within an hour or two, one of our customer representatives will be in touch to let you know which documents you need to bring along for processing, and will schedule a convenient time with you to come down and complete the loan application. Upon approval and sign-off on the loan agreement, you will receive the cash or cheque on the spot.

We are Committed & Exceptional

CreditMaster also offers bad credit loans at one of the most affordable interest rates, with easy repayment schedules. Trust our team to give you a timely solution that will make your life better. You can also contact us at any time if you are facing some form of difficulty in repayment, and our support team will make every effort to help you get back on track.

Talk to us and let us help achieve your life’s dream. We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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